Use your imagination!
    50015  30" sitting buddha (special order, call for price)
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    buddha and art pieces shown here in another garden setting

55024  24" sitting buddha, greenish, $1,195

58318  18" smiling buddha, greenish, $1,050
58324  24" smiling buddha, greenish, $1,675

53128  28" Quan Yin, sitting, greenish, $1,590

53028  28" Quan Yin fountain, standing, greenish, $1,295
(This item is one of a kind.)

Note: We have limited quantities of Southern and Northern-style Foo dogs.
Please call to check availability and prices.

Southern-style Foo dogs, greenish color:
51736s  pair 36-inch Foo dogs

Northern-style Foo dogs, greenish color:
51736n  pair 36-inch Foo dogs

    Beijing-style Foo dogs, salt-and-pepper or pink
    (48-inch Foo dogs in pink only):
    52236  pair 36-inch Foo dogs,  $2,350
    52248  pair 48-inch Foo dogs,  $4,820

50007  pair 18" Foo dogs, $550
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53312  12-inch gargoyle, $198
54419  19-inch owl, black, $225
56239  crane, black limestone, head down, approximately 32 inches, $1,090
56239  crane, black limestone, neck turning, approximately 39 inches, $1,090

50011a  48" standing Jizu buddha (special order, call for price)

57736  36" sitting Fudo Myoo, greenish (special order, call for price)

57836m  36" Kitsune, male (special order, call for price)

57836f  36" Kitsune, female (special order, call for price)

58911  boulder buddha (special order, call for price)

58910  boulder buddha (special order, call for price)

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